Become a teacher at Multilango and work for the best in the industry

By joining the group of Multilango teachers, you get the opportunity to work on your own terms, in a group of professionals, from anywhere on Earth.

Zostań lektorem w multilango
What will you gain?

of remote work

Multilango is an interesting collaboration tailored to your availability. As a teacher, you manage your time and independently adjust the schedule to your own needs.

Przychody na życzenie

on request

As a teacher, you decide about your availability and the frequency of lessons given. Earn money on Multilango whenever you want.

Formalności prawne po naszej stronie

on our side

Teachers are not responsible for contact with enterprises, and all organizational issues lie on the side of the Multilango administration.

Zarządzanie własnym kalendarzem

own calendar

On the Multilango platform, you intuitively determine your availability to give language lessons in accordance with your own schedule.

Praca bez wychodzenia z domu

leaving home

Give lessons remotely, via the Multilango app, from anywhere in the world. All you need is a good Internet connection and access to one of the browsers - Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge.

Poznaj opinię jednego z naszych lektorów

Get to know the opinion of one of our teachers

I get personal satisfaction when my students advance at work because their English speaking is improved. Cytat

- Richard Fantoli



How can I become a Multilango teacher?
If you want to become a foreign language teacher at Multilango, you should register on our website in the "Teach with us" tab. Registration consists of 5 simple steps, fill in all the required fields and join the group of teachers.
What tutors is Multilango looking for?
Our teachers are full of empathy professionals with a passion for teaching. Multilango tutors offer business courses in nine languages at different levels of advancement - starting from Polish language courses, through English and German lessons, as well as less popular classes such as Italian, Russian or Swedish lessons.
What language can I teach at Multilango?
Currently, Multilango offers its clients courses in nine foreign languages - English, German, Polish, Ukrainian, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Swedish, French. It is possible, however, that if you speak another language and would like to teach it with us, such an opportunity may soon arise. Leave your contact and when the need arises, we will get back to you.
Do I have to sign a contract?
Multilango offers its teachers several forms of cooperation, taking into account the individual needs of each of them, as well as the hourly dimension of their work.
How much can I earn on Multilango?
Earnings depend on the availability of the teacher - the more often you cooperate with us, the higher the earnings become. With Multilango you teach as much as you want, with any frequency, in terms that you specify yourself in the calendar.

Join us and stay the boss of your time

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